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Vice Presidential Debate

  In this debate the mediator covered many topics such as the COVID response, economic issues, foreign affairs, and social change. Though  many of the questions were left half-answered the candidates did give some valuable information.

  Pence was asked the question, “Why is the US death toll higher than any other wealthy country?”.  He dodged the question and said “He didn’t want the American people to panic”.Harris responded with “How calm were the American people when they had no toilet paper, no school, job losses, and in fear of your life ”. With the tensions high between the two candidates, another question was asked directed to Vice President Pence, “How do you expect the American people to follow the rules with the new COVID restrictions if the White House doesn’t?”. Again no clear answer was given, but he did say he has full respect and trust in the American people to make their own decisions on COVID restrictions.

   Next they touched on the  distribution of COVID vaccine and if the Biden-Harris campaign would support the distribution of it under the Trump administration. Harris said no, and Pence said that he would take it and for Harris to stop undermining the ability of the Trump administration.

    As climate change has become a bigger issue in the last few years, with record setting hurricanes and forest fires, the mediator asked both candidates if they have a plan to combat climate change in the coming year and what said plan was. Pence answered saying he believes the air, water, and ocean have never been the cleanest denying that climate change even exists, and instead of a plan to combat climate change to have more forest management. Harris reposed with a reassurance that Biden did have a plan and that he believes in climate change as a lethal threat. With one of the biggest supporters of the Green Deal, Ruth Bater Ginsburg, passing away in recent weeks, the now open seat on the Supreme Court and its new succeeding nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, the moderator asked about what they thought about the new nominee. We were only given one straight answer and that was from Pence, he thinks she is more than qualified and just hopes that she gets an even and fair hearing. Harris on the other hand was asked if she would support packing the court if ACB were elected by the court to be the new judge and she gave no straightforward answer. He just said she put her trust in the court and their ability to  make the right decision for this country.

      Tensions are already high with the new open seat on the Supreme Court bench. The country has also been under fire since the murder of Gorge Floyd in June, and the death of Breonna Taylor in late March of this year. Regarding these things the  mediator asked whether the candidates thought that Breonna got justice for what had happened to her. Harris responded saying she does not believe that Breonna got justice and her life was taken unjustifiably and violently, and the person who took her life should be held accountable.

  Next was the question of the night, “will there be a peaceful transfer of power if trump doesn’t win the election?”.  Harris’ response was clear and simple: VOTE and use our voices to save our democracy. Pence didn’t answer the question clearly, but does believe that the trump administration will win the coming election.

      Even if the country seems very divided right now we are all human. We may have different views and opinions but at the end of the day we come together and try to do what’s best for our country.  No Matter your political party, just remember to vote! 

photo credits : CBS


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