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2020 County Election

The presidential election just ended. This which has been everyone’s main focus. During this year’s county election, over 50% of people in Santa Barbara county voted by mail in ballots. The main things people ran for that involved our county were the State Senate, the 24th Congressional District, and the Santa Barbara School Board. 

Salud Carbajal is from Mexico and came to the US. He currently lives in the Santa Barbara County area. Carbajal ran for California’s 24th Congressional District. He has been the representative for it since 2017. In the county election he went up against Andy Caldwell and won. Carbajal had 169,061 votes while Caldwell had 104,016 votes. He won by a margin of 65,045 votes.

The woman who ran for reelection to the State Senate was Monique Limón. Monique Limón is from Santa Barbara. She went to Santa Barbara Junior High and graduated from Santa Barbara High School. She served 6 years on the Santa Barbara Unified School Board. Now in the county election Limón defeated Gary Michaels. Limón ended up coming out on top with 65.8% of the vote while Michaels got 33.6% of the vote. 

  Lastly, in our Santa Barbara community, the Santa Barbara School Board election took place. There were 7 candidates with only the top 3 becoming a part of the board. This directly affects students because it involves our school. The top three winners were Laura Capps, Wendy Sims-Moten, and a newcomer Virginia Alvarez. Laura had 48,499 votes, Wendy with 37,512, and lastly Virginia with 33,263. 

Sources : Noozhawk and Edhat 

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