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Trouble in the White House

  As expected, this election dragged out past election day and into the weekend. It has become one of the most historic with the biggest voter turnout in U.S. history and led to the first female and biracial Vice President, Kamala Harris. United States’ citizens, along with people around the world ,sat glued to their TV’s and refreshing their phones for days.  People lost sleep tirelessly waiting for the results that would decide the fate of our country. President Donald Trump was claiming early victory on Tuesday when he saw that he was leading in votes in crucial states but the media continued to explain that the results would not be final until all ballots that were legally cast were counted, thus sparking arguments and Trump claiming fraud as he began to lose. Trump sent poll watchers and  lawyers, making baseless claims and tweeting saying he had “won by a lot”. Trump supporters even started to go out and protest in key states like Arizona chanting, “stop the count”. Ironically, if they did, he would have lost that state and it would have gone to Joe Biden . 

    Throughout the week crucial states like Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia still had not been called, but on the morning of Saturday, November 7th, Pennsylvania was projected to win the race for Joe Biden with 273 electoral votes. People went out into the streets, popped bottles of champagne, and gathered outside the gates of the White House. Major cities around the country and the rest of the world celebrated in the streets that Trump was going to be out of office. The sorrow and denial from the right continues, with many still claiming that the election was a product of mass fraud and that president Trump “won by a lot.”says CNN . Now, almost a week later, Trump still refuses to accept the results of the election and continues to delegitimize our democracy.

 With Trump’s refusal to concede, the biggest question is how it is going to affect Joe Biden and his leadership skills and if there will be a peaceful transfer of power . Will Trump eventually give up and leave or will he stick it out until the end? Will Joe Biden be able to bring our country together and mend the deep wounds and division this country has had for many years?We won’t know until January.



  • Sabrina Cruz

    I’m Sabrina cruz I am a freshmen at Santa Barbra High School i have always had a love for journalists and journalism because of the guts it takes to tell the truth no matter the cost always had me in awe .i have never been apart of a paper but I’m excited to start working with the forge this year.

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